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Jericho Table:  Provides nightly meals to families and individuals in the Redmond area who need assistance with food. The meals are served at the senior center with our church members running this service on each Thursday every other month.  Along with the food a truck is available twice a month which provides showers for personal hygiene for those who have no clean water.
Jericho Road and Backpack Program:  One part of the program fills backpacks with food items to be delivered to local schools for children in need. Once a week these backpacks are delivered before the weekend for children to take them home and return the empty backpack to be refilled for the next week. Volunteers pick up, refill and deliver them again each week during the school year.  The second part of the program offers housing assistance for families in short term need of assistance. Two houses are available along with advisors who help mentor the families to help get them back in a more stable footing.
Lend-a-Hand:  This team provides assistance to any member with a variety of needs such as home visits or meals made. Help with transportation or visits at the hospital and maybe just a uplifting phone call to perk up the spirit.  A new Lend-a-Hand ministry is a group of guys who are available to do “light” projects around home for those who need an extra hand.  Contact the church office for more information.
Fair Trade Coffee:  This team purchases and sells coffee, tea and chocolates which come from co-ops of actual growers which provide greater sustenance to them. There is a self-service coffee cupboard set up in the kitchen for purchases. Samples are provided throughout the year on Sunday mornings.