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What We Believe

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   In the very beginning, God created humanity and invited us to share in His story; a story of friendship and love.  We walked away from God, choosing to follow our own way, rather than God’s way.  At Zion we call God’s way, “God’s Upper Story” and our wandering way we call our “Lower Story”.  God’s Upper Story is God’s Way of love and compassion.  But in our Lower Story we wander away from God’s original intention and so our lives and our stories are often filled with loss, injustice and pain.  But God still longed for us and so He sent grace in the person of Jesus.  God’s grace through Jesus changes everything.  Jesus Christ came to rescue and restore relationship with God forever. His resurrection invites us back into God’s Upper Story purpose and plan, to live it, and to share it with those who are longing for hope and life.

Because of that, Zion Lutheran Church is a place where we strive to Build the church and bless the community in Jesus’ name.

Zion exists to invite people to meet Jesus, form deeper friendships and serve others by the power of the Holy Spirit.   We are a “Lutheran Christian” congregation.

“Christian” is the noun. First and foremost, we are Christ-followers.

“Lutheran” is the adjective and describes something about the way in which we are following Jesus. Lutherans understand the Bible as God’s invitation to a relationship with Him, and the only way we can be right with God is through trusting in the person and work of Jesus Christ and His challenge for us to be faithful followers.
Jesus’ teachings and interactions with people can be characterized by this invitation and by this challenge.

One way of describing our relationship is with the "Up-In-Out Triangle," which acts as a picture of the balanced life.
Jesus modeled this three-dimensional life for us:

Up – is our relationship with God. This can be developed through worship, prayer, reading the Scriptures, and learning how to listen for God’s voice and leading in our lives.

In – is our relationships with family and close friends. These are the people who love us for who we are, not what we do. This is the place where we learn unconditional love, forgiveness, grace and mercy. This is where we discover the grace and strength to go “out” and make a difference in the world around us.

Out – God calls us beyond the boundaries of class and clan. God challenges us to be open and sensitive to the Spirit’s leading in the everyday routine of our lives. Small acts of courtesy and kindness can make a huge impact in other people’s lives. This is not just about being “nice” people. It’s about overflowing with the unconditional love that we receive through our “Up” and “In" relationships.

We welcome your participation in the multiple ministries happening in and around Zion Lutheran Church! 
As you’ll see, we strive to be a: 
          Community of faith by the grace of God;
          Gathered to learn, grow and worship;
          Called to lives of service in the world!